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Trade with the best. Connect with other traders and use our patented CopyTrader technology to automatically copy their trading portfolio performance.

We offer our customers the best trading conditions in the market, fast and error-free order execution, and the latest and most innovative technologies for trading.


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When you deposit to Ymer we act as Custodian for your cryptocurrencies. These are stored in Cold wallets for the safety of funds for you as a client. All funds are safely kept out of reach of any intrusion.


Copy traders

Once you activate the copytrading your funds are moved through API towards the exchange whereas the funds are based on a subwallet with a open/close only API key to the trader.



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Ymer Exchange is one of the world's leading and fastest growing Online brokers. We offer our customers attractive trading conditions, fast and error-free order execution and the industry's most advanced and innovative technological solutions.

All Capital is insured through our registered company Ymer exchange LLC in the Pacific island of New Caledonia. You trade with a registered securities dealer in the derivatives market that is fully compliant with the EFDNC.


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Struggling to make the best investment choices?

Copy trading is a unique form of investment that takes the guesswork out of investing. With copy trading, you can invest in stocks based on the performance of other traders. So you can relax and let our traders do all the hard work for you.

You don’t have to worry about making mistakes with your investments. We have a team of experienced traders who will help you make sound decisions with your money. And you can always trust our copy trading service because we only select the best traders to join our platform.

Sign up for a free trial today and see how easy it is to get started with copy trading!

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01. Beginner friendly

Some people think that they can't invest because of the risk. But with our trading platform, we make it easy for you! You get 24-hour access and everything needed in one place - even live courses from top experts on how to improve your investing skills.

02. Professional education

You'll be able to get started on the right foot with our system. You also have an experienced professional guiding you through all of your investments, no matter what stage they are at in life or how much money is involved!

03. Account management

Each client has his own unique account manager. These super heroes overwatch your trading account so that you dont have to. The investment decissions are still your choice but they will advice you about the risks and functionality of the system.